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  1. Hard to find gifts
    Hard to find gifts
    We all have that somebody who is too hard to find a gift. Custom made etchings may suit your needs.
  2. Memory stones
    Memory stones
    Make a special place in your garden or home marking the love and memory of a loved one.
  3. Granite, glass, metal
    Granite, glass, metal
    Almost anything can be etched. Mirrors, stone, car glass.
  4. Reversed etched
    Reversed etched
    On this piece I have etched the polished granite away from the stone. A broken edge is another option.
  5. Title 5
    Title 5
  6. Title 6
    Title 6

Based in Northern California
One of a kind handmade art
Custom orders are more than welcome

All orders are custom for the same low price

Many materials to choose from


Almost anything can be etched

garden stones

Pet memory stones

Address stones

Open Exhibitions

California Honey festival

Almond Festival Esparto Ca.